How We Do It

how we do it

What separates us from many other, much larger and slower organizations, are several personalized factors, including:

  • Knowledge of the local markets that you are interested in entering; at personal levels, we know where the best coffee houses are, where the best schools are, and which companies have the best specialists in entering marketing in the UK and the NL among other countries you would ultimately like to operate within.
  • Combination of skills and experience in driving new operations within EMEA based countries. Those areas can include, but are not limited to, talent acquisition, business and partner development, real estate options, and cost of living.
  • Expertise in the political and economic factors for local geographies through our expanded partner networks and actual professionals and citizens who live locally, as well as the standard formal destination guides and partnerships with key consultant research competed by names you would recognize.

Using tritiumDX’s capabilities in over 30 countries, our international expansion partner network including local country associates we can help with the strategies you need to remain relevant.


Our methodology and scope of services for Optimizing your Relevance includes:

  • Reviewing and understanding your current strategy for market relevance, the tactics for existing and new market entry, and your existing resources and skill set support
  • Engaging with management to ensure everyone is on the same page
  • Developing a strategy for your relevance and growth 


To reach your goals in market expansion, we will need to help you engage your audience better and more often. We can potentially accomplish this with relevant content, well aligned branding of your posts (social, blogging, video, etc.), while concentrating on building conversion tactics for all destinations and products, location by location. We will deliver sample content and use cases as part of the engagement, to match the destination sentiment.

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