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tritiumDX is a Global Strategic Consulting consortium of subject matter experts who collaborate to provide the best possible solutions for your market entry, growth, operational objectives and Account-Based Marketing needs. 

Message from the founder

Alex Romanovich,
CMO & Chief Growth Officer

Welcome to tritiumDX! 

We are a global strategic consulting consortium with extensive capabilities and resources worldwide.

With years of experience working with start-ups, investors, major brands, and sales teams we have a unique ability to develop an impactful strategy for your business locally, regionally and/or globally. Whether you are looking to enter a new market, show exponential growth, drive operational excellence or new business using Account Based Marketing tritiumDX is your partner.

From multibillion dollar IBM Global Services and Bertelsmann AG to fast growing Silicon Valley and New York City start-ups, we understand the challenges of growing your business, while controlling cost for investors and attracting the best talent worldwide. 

We invite you to talk to us, whether you are in Berlin or Kyiv, New York or Los Angeles, Istanbul or Tokyo!

We challenge you to be the best you can be and to create your own tritium movement! 

What we do

We help start-ups to Fortune 500 companies achieve their growth and expansion goals by leveraging the skills, capabilities and relationships with known subject matter experts and our consultants worldwide. 

The formula for growth and expansion is a complex one. There is never a linear path and that’s why we provide you a strategy that will prepare for the ups and downs of your journey, while achieving your goals based on scale and geography.

We work with you as your sounding board to get to know your organization, craft a strategy and where necessary help facilitate the best path to achieve your goals. We have worked with Global CMOs, CDOs and small business owners to expand their knowledge into new functions or new areas of the world.

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What is tritium?

Tritium (/ˈtrɪtiəm/ or /ˈtrɪʃiəm/) or hydrogen-3 is a rare and radioactive isotope of hydrogen, with symbol T or 3H

The atmosphere has only trace amounts, formed by the interaction of its gases with cosmic rays. Yet when three atoms combine, they emit light! Yes, they emit light brighter than anything that you’ve seen before. 

DX is the abbreviation for diagnosis. So why tritiumDX?

Because the tritiumDX strategy will combine the three major ingredients for success: marketing/sales, operations and technology innovations that help our clients achieve their goals exponentially.

Our Capabilities

From SMBs to Enterprises

Market Entry/Expansion

For companies who are ready for market expansion – new business or existing clients

Mature startups and scaleups

ScaleUp Growth

As you grow, let us help you scale across all client acquisition and management disciplines – without skipping a beat


ABM/ABS – Account Based Marketing/Sales

Tailor your account-based marketing/sales strategy activities for TOP-20 target accounts

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Case Studies

Our Mission

We build brands and connect them to their audiences at key moments in the customer journey through integrated marketing, design and digital experiences with a specialty in market entry, scale-up growth and ABM/ABS.

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